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Rochdale OL16 2YL UK

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Digital Corner

New Services include Video Intro and Outro. If you have a promotional video or are having one made this service is a must. Display your logo in all types of animations before and after your promotion begins.

We all have that picture or photograph that we would like to take out the background, we can then use the bits that we need in another project. The Picture and Photograph Background Removal Service is just what you need and at a very competitive price.

Take a traditional 2D digital photograph, turn it into a 3D animation, add vocals and hey presto! you have the 2D to 3D Animation Service. Lots of fun with the family and also great to for business.

See the demonstration videos below....

Video Intros - Video Outros

Digital ZooKeeper Intro

Intro and Outro videos for your Your commercial or home made video. 

fast response and excellent pricing. For more information leave a message.

Picture and Photograph

Background Removal 

Digital Photograph Background Removal Service

There is always that photograph or picture that didn't turn out that well, 

that little annoying object or person that you didn't account for. 

This service takes away the photo/picture unwanted backgro...

2D Photograph to 3D Animation

Using a Photograph to create 3d Animation

Back in the day eh! This animation was created using a traditional 

photograph taken in 1984. The mass computer market was only 

just about to take off, mobile phones had not been invented, no internet ...

Digital Zookeeper Has a New Home

Augmented Reality From MSC Technologies

A Tiger on my palm.... A.R Projects from MSC Technologies from the simple

to the more complex, an amazing marketing tool. Show your customers 

something out of the science fiction books. It can be appl...

One of our latest products "Digital Zookeeper" now has it's own website, catch up on what is going on by logging onto


Twitter @digitazookeeper